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Company Profile

JIE Technology Company Limited was established in 2002, the main agent of RP machines, 3D scanners and 3D software. The business philosophy of "Effective Systems, Good Customer Services and Customer Win-Win" has always been our aims. We provide customers with the suitable equipment improve them to have are more effective and high-quality production system. We believe it can be achieve in a cost-effective production.

"Effective System "

As a distributor of different prices and production technology models, whether SLA rapid prototyping technology or CNC lathe technology. We are providing years of continuous improvement to be a mature brand, so our customers can make to reduce development resources, improve product designs and speed up time to market of new products.

JIE bring you all kinds of professional design and molding quality control software, improve production quality and diversity. We are the distuibitor of U.S. powerful and professional jewellery design software ------ Matrix. This powerful design software can provide more jewellery resources, also could support are stronger rendering, stone arrangement, surface edit becoming more flexible performance.

" Quality Service "

In order to provide customers with quality service, we have gone through years of efforts to set up Hong Kong, Panyu, Dongguan and Shenzhen four services company. We   establish a complete and efficient "point to point" service system with a quick maintenance and regular after sales service to solve customer's problems with the fastest speed. In order to continuously improve the engineer's technique, we will arrange them regularly to Germany and the United States for training and exchanges.

" Win-Win with Customers "

Effective systems, quality of service , greatly improving the efficiency of design and production   to increase customer profits. We will keep on providing new profit sharing rates to reducing the initial investment and production costs of customers form a win-win situation.

JIE Technology Company Limited will further contact with the head office , improving product technology to provide customers with better systems and services.We will continue investing in training more engineers to achieve a first-class jewelry CAD / CAM systems consultant and work.